The New beginning by Jane Britton 6th February 2005

It was hot, one of those perfectly lovely serene days, you know the ones were you want to walk, hand in had with your lover, with your dog at your side and picnic by a beautiful lake in the countryside.

Well ,for Kelly it was a different sort of a day, it was a spring-cleaning day.  Time to get rid of bad rubbish, time to get rid of things that had gone past their prime, time to get rid of them all!!.

The stench was awful,  she shoveled them up bit by bit, humming as she worked.
Picking up bits of teeth, bone , sticky eyeballs and congealed blood.   She sang making up a rhyme as she worked.  “Goodbye Marty, goodbye James, goodbye Steve and good riddance to you all, I’ll see you later my little alligator’s, my tiresome three.  She worked for three solid hours, until the last piece of rotting human flesh had been removed from her kitchen floor.

At last the kitchen was clean and fresh.
She sat in her chair and looked around her in appreciation at its pristine-ness, she felt good, she was ready, ready for a new beginning.

The house sold within the week, to a lovely couple and their son Tom, these were the type of people she hated with all her heart and soul.  Still it allowed her to move on and get on with her plans, her new beginning was calling :00).

“Tom now, dont you trip”, Jack and Martha looked at their son happily rushing around from room to room. With the excitement of being in a new place he had all the energy in the world.  But it had not always been like that.  You see Tom had been in such a hurry to come into this world, that one of his legs hadn’t fully developed

For the first five years of their sons life, life was like a waiting game.
The couple were confined to the hospital waiting rooms whilst Tom was in theatre, having pioneering surgery to his leg in the faint hope that this would encourage it to develop and grow normally.

Jack and Martha, had more or less given up on ever seeing their little body walk, let alone run like a normal child.  But it happened, one miracle day , he just got up from his wheelchair and walked.  he still walked with a limp and struggled to play football but at least he could experience the freedom of youth and wander to his hearts content.

“Baggsey this room” shouted Tom!
The room that Tom had chosen  ( or had the room chosen him?) was right at the top  of the house and was surrounded by windows.  ( windows are the center of your soul his grandma used to say)
The room was small and shaped like a turret, just perfect for Tom with his inquisitive mind.  the room looked like it had been expanded over the years to make it big enough to live in.
“Sure Son, you can have any room you want” shouted Toms father, as long as you keep it tidy.  “Now come on down and help us with the unpacking”.

As Tom rushed downstairs to help his parents, something started to stir in the Turret room.  the air chilled and lights started to dash about in excitement, almost like a bee on a flower, just when its found the love of its life.

Part Two
Kelly sat on the poach of her new home watching the sun going down, thumbing through her old diary and remembering what had been.   The acidic taste coming into her mouth, the thrill that had enveloped her., remembering the moment that she had allowed her inner desires to take over.

She was looking forward , to starting a new job, it was a new challenge.  Perhaps now she was ready to leave behind those memories that had taunted her, pushed her into doing such grotest and un-lady like things?.

“I fear not” a little voice within her said, she felt it pushing itself forward talking to her in that tantalizing and manipulative way , telling her that revenge was sweet and she must take it again.

“No “ she shouted out loud, “You wont win “.

A man was walking by and heard the commotion “Are you okay Miss?” he shouted.

“Sorry! yes I’m fine” she shouted back , mmm just reading from a play , I’m a school teacher you see!”
He looked at her and said “well as long as you’re okay, its a nice quiet respectable please you know, so try and keep it down hey!, names Ged and I’m at number 26 if you ever need my help”.
“No I’m fine, but thankyou, sorry if I gave you a fright”, she said.
“Not all all mam, Night “.
The man continued on his way,
Mmm she thought as she made her way back to the house, I’m going to have to be careful, plenty of nosey people around here.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, sounded the clock noisily on the mantlepiece.  Tick tock “Were here”, tick tock “We see you”, tick tock , tick tock, louder and louder and louder each time it spoke.

Kelly looked up with a fright and called out “Who is that, Whos there?”
A low growling voice voice piped up “We know who you are We know what you’ve done”.

“What do you know” screamed Kelly, “how do you know me”.
“ha ha ha, you’ll  know soon enough” chimed the clock with a tone in its voice that send shivers down Kellys spine.    “We;re coming for you, We’re coming for you

Kellys face was ashen, her heart was pounding so fast, that she thought she was going to faint.
She ran towards the mantle, knocked the clock to the floor and stamped on it. How the hell could anybody, know what she’d done , she’d been so careful , hadn’t she? She’d not left anything behind, she was positive of that. She looked at the bits of smashed up clock on the floor.  “There” she said ” you wont bother me again”.
But wait !, what was that light in the corner of the room? , it was getting larger and larger, coming towards her.


Copyright Jane Britton

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