Why do we buy QUANTITY over QUALITY? ???????????

Subliminal messaging is everywhere, on our TVs, on bill boards even in our places of work. We are encouraged to buy cheap goods in quantity rather then offering a consideration towards putting a little money aside to obtain a quality product that is going to last. It seems to be the trend that to save and buy key fashion pieces is considered old fashion and instead the trend seems to be towards purchasing cheap fast high street fashion.

Given the chance which path would you take?

Cheap and cheerful and plenty of it?

Or save and invest in some key quality fashion pieces?

Let me know……………………….

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Dea London Thanksgiving 25% off offer #blackfriday

Hey all Dea London have got a great offer this weekend – 25% off selected Autumn/Winter items namely Stella, Melissa, Agnes, Minna, Elvira & Victoria.

Just enter the product name which is also the discount code at checkout to receive your 25% off. Happy Shopping everybody.

Note: this offer ends , end of day Sunday 30th Nov UK time.


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Hi all

Hello and welcome to my newly updated blog,  unfortunately the last one got deleted but not to worry, check out more of what I’m into via my about you page thanks xxxxxxx

New Blog Pics

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