Pauline Black – the art of the songwriter

Copyright – Jane Britton FThe Secret Art of Songwritingebruary 2012

I’ve always been intrigued with the art of song writing, its like any talent really, you can either do it or you cant?

Some people can write melodies but struggle with lyrics, like myself. Personally, I can do the melody no problem, can I write lyrics? – nope they turn into cheese. Very similar to the rather famous and fabulous Elton John:0), don’t you think! . To others, or as one of my piano pupils eloquently said recently “its just too F-ing hard”

Then you get the super talented, were the art of song writing is like breathing, the whole process comes so easily , its effortless, these people have to write, otherwise they’ll implode.

We mere mortals, meanwhile, stand in absolute awe (whilst quietly cursing them ).
“Well, I mean, how the hell can they create something with such amazing beauty out of the horrors that we see in our day to day society”.

Everybody’s ultimate dream is to come up with a catchy tune that you have in your head at night, wake up with it in the morning and hum subconsciously throughout the day until somebody tells you to SHUT UP. That’s when you know that you have a hit.

As part of my research I interviewed four different songwriters, all unique in their own way, yet there were commonalities in the way they wrote. Thing’s that inspired them, and their urgent and, absolute need to push the song out of their system, like a new born baby.

Pauline Black from “The Selector”
Paul Britton from “Skye Ladder”
Emma Gillespie from “Emmas Imagination”
Laura Vall from “The Controversy”

See more of the interview here –

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Get fit in 2015

Moi Liverpool Fashion week Enigma Clothing

When my sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday I madly said kettle bells. You see I have a plan and a New Years resolution to get fit in 2015. I’m getting older, my bodies getting older and I’m starting to struggle even getting up off the floor when I’ve knelt down so not good hey.  Plus I have a number of conditions that get effected by weight and the choices I make food-wise.  Anyway its about time I said good by to my apple tum and 2015 is definitely the year.  So if you want to join me then it would be good to see your progress as well.  I’ll keep updating this blog with pictures and we’ll see what happens :0)


03/01/2015 – supposed to be starting officially on the 5th of Jan but what the hey . Feeling good , I’ve done a 30 minute session with my kettle bells and just walked the dogs :0)

Measurements to be added soonish.

06/01/2015 – its Tuesday and I decided to try out the Tesco Resistance bands. In the pack theres three colors all with different strengths.

09/01/2015  – seen some rather nice sportswear thinking of purchasing some as I’m wearing Pauls trackies at the moment and they are super baggy with an old top.  I have however seen these in M&S so maybe, just maybe.

M&S Sportswear 2015

Exercise today: – 30 minutes level seven on the bike ( not bad as theres eight levels) .  Whilst at the same time doing weights on the upper arms above my head, to the chest and up and then to the sides.  Then 20 squats and stretching.

Tomorrow Kettle Bells :0)


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New in – Sophistication from Anna Scholz

New in from Anna Scholz a rather sophisticated range of dress’s and tops.  Heres a few I’ve picked out as my favorites. I particularly like the sleekness of the blue crepe jersey cutout top and dress with the very chic and not overally sexy cut outs around the neck area.  The crepe jersey fabric certainly looks to be a good quality, so the fabric should just  slip over and enhance your curves rather than highlight every bulge which personally I hate and that’s when I personally loose my confidence. I believe strongly in good fabrics and so far from what I can see Anna has delivered.

The blue crepe jersey slit dress in particular has a very interesting front slit allowing you to show a hint of leg but not so much that it looks improper in a social occasion. I’m also in love with the Digital Jersey Roll Neck Gather Dress,  with its rainbow drop print and beautifully feminine cowl neck top. Cowl necks are so attractive with the style suiting most people. As with all of Anna’s items she really does think about shape and fit, if you look at the dresses they have gathering around the tummy area which helps to enhance our shape.

These items could quite easily be worn in the office, at a social occasion or if like me, you like to dress up just because you want to well these items are perfect.

Take a look at Annas site and see some of the other fabulous items there and let me know what you think.

Anna Sczholz New in December 204

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Dea London – Alma jacket review

I’m in love with this cute “Alma”  jacket from Dea London, dont your think its a stunning color :0) . If you are not aware of Dea London they are a luxury designer brand for curvy ladies based in London UK.

The  “Alma” jacket is in the style of a Kimono Bikers Jacket and comes in a cobalt blue. Its a Wool blend and is beautifully lined.  It comes with three quarter kimono sleeves and is elegantly cuffed with chic striped wool on the sleeve cuffs and collar. I’m 5:8 and a size 20 and this jacket sits at a perfect length on my thigh and can be left open or zipped up creating a round neck similar to the picture on the website here.  The jacket retails at a very competitive £288.00 and would look great over a jumper if wearing in Winter.   The jacket itself feels lovely and warm and is the perfect jacket to wear to and from the office or if you fancy popping to the shops with jeans and boots.  Overall a another quality and stylish item from the Autumn Winter 2014 Dea London range and I love it.

What do you think all?

Alma Jacket Janie B Dea London Alma Jacket Janie B Dea London 3 Alma Jacket Janie B Dea London 2

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