SS15 Scarlet & Jo

Last week Scarlet & Jo unleashed their SS15 at a cupcake party hosted by the totally sweet Giffi Fields of Coppernob fashions in the center of London at the rather swish Home House.  In attendance where some very lucky bloggers who got to be models for the day and where photographed in the new SS15 collection.

I wasn’t one of the lucky invitees but I did watch the social media being unleashed throughout the event with a great deal of excitement.  Hubby was having a very bad pain day with his CRPS  and I was feeling particularly sad because of it so when I saw the pics of these ladies having so much fun it really cheered me up. The collection is full of gorgeous dress’s, tops , skirts and peg pants ( love) .

I do love that fashion houses are now starting to integrate bloggers more using them for their shoots and media. Its something I’ve been banging on for , well for quite a while and think its particularly important so that we can see what the clothes look like on the “girl next door” rather than the models we are used to seeing. Its particularly important for me to see ladies of different shapes/heights  in the same sizes as well as this can really help us determine if the item of clothing will look good on us.

Looking at the actual collection I have a few firm favorites already :0)

Beautiful black and pink flower print fit and flair dress

SS15 Scarlet & jo SS15 2

Cute French styled top and flowery Peg Pants

SS15 Scarlet & jo SS15 4



 Shift/Power dress in a beautiful ivory and spring flower vintage print

 SS15 Scarlet & jo SS15 1













Gorgeous daisy print sleeveless summer chic

SS15 Scarlet & jo SS15 3














Giffi tells me the collection is out over the next few weeks so keep a watch on the Evans site here and join the group of fun and fearless woman who j’adore Scarlet & Jo.

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CRPS the G…t of a disease

Can you imagine a life where you are in chronic pain what ever you do. I cant but people with CRPS seem to manage some how. CRPS is (Complex regional pain syndrome ) and it is invisible to most of us as its not always obvious if the person who has it is ill as it can effect any part of your body.

However on a bad CRPS flair up day then you;ll get it, if you are close to somebody you will feel their pain and there’s absolutely sod all that you can do about it. All you can do is be there with them and comfort them. 

Pain killers like morphine can help dull the pain but apparently it never goes away completely. My hubby as you know has CRPS and the last few days have been pretty terrible for him so much so that hes been in tears I know he wouldnt mind me telling you that . You see normally hes able to cope but when the CRPS flair ups start then life is hell for him and that’s when he starts wondering is life worth bothering with. But fortunately for him I’m a pain in the backside and am there to gee him along.  

Did you also know that, not much is actually known about CRPS and there’s still no know cure, how crazy is that in this day and age.

Our government lends so much money to other countries and seems to forget that we need help in the UK too. This small group of people and others who are in chronic pain need help.

Not enough real research is being done into this terrible disease, I want to know why, I just don’t get it – do you?.

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Modeling & Fashion Events 2015

Hey all I thought I’d add some of my modeling/catwalk dates here if any body fancies coming along to support and see some great fashion.

New Blog Pics

Date – 25/03
Event – Liverpool Lord Mayors fashion show
Location – White Star Grand Hall Liverpool
Price – £10.00
Tickets –

Date – 26/05/2014 – 28/05/2014
Event – Manchester Fashion Week
Location – The Place Aparthotel Manchester M1
Price – TBC
Tickets –

Date – Monday 12 October – Friday 16 October 2015
Event – Liverpool Fashion Week
Location – TBC
Price – TBC
Tickets –





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Healthy Meal Ideas: – spaghetti-bolognese

As part of my getting healthier in 2015 I’m not only taking on more exercise but I’m also looking at what I eat and when I eat.

I tried this one recently there’s easily enough for four people so when cooked split into four portions equally and it you are cooking just for you then you will have thee additional nights meals sorted. Forget the bread or garlic bread I promise you , you wont need it this is where we start to see issues when adding extras like this as it totally bumps up the carbs, calories and sugar contact in our meals

Serves: – 4
Cooking time: – 20 minutes
Calories: – 403
Salt/Fat: – 0.9g



  • 500g Quorn Mince
  • 1 tbsp olive oil (Quorn just needs to be added to the sauce, so the recipe requires about 50% less oil than you would usually use)
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 1 carrot, finely chopped
  • 1 stick of celery, finely chopped
  • 200g mushrooms, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 400g tin chopped tomatoes
  • 1 vegetable stock cube dissolved in 200ml boiling water
  • 1 tbsp tomato ketchup
  • 1 tbsp tomato puree
  • 1 tsp dried mixed herbs
  • 1 tsp dried majoram
  • 200g spaghetti (dried)
  • fresh basil leaves, torn, for garnish
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper


  1. Heat the oil in a saucepan and fry the onion, carrot, celery and garlic gently for 5 minutes. Add the mushrooms and fry for 2-3 minutes more.
  2. Add the tomatoes, tomato puree, dried herbs, tomato ketchup and vegetable stock. Cover and simmer gently for 8-10 minutes. Stir in the Quorn mince continue to cook over a low heat while you cook the spaghetti as per pack instructions, season to taste.
  3. Drain the spaghetti, spoon the bolognese sauce over the top and serve. Sprinkle with some basil leaves.


Copyright –


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Naughty or Nice? – Katie Hopkins

Whos been watching Celebrity Big Brother, what do you make of Katie Hopkins?.

I must admit to being rather intrigued shes coming across as really nice. I know shes slated the voluptuous community and doesn’t mince her words re what she calls “Fat People” being lazy and I guess I’m included in that,  but I’m confused.

Is she a nice person hiding under all of that controversy.? Or is it all a big game to get more publicity?

What do you think of Katie Hopkins , is she?

View Results

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Burning the Midnight oil – with Gifi Fields – Coppernob

Remember the Ra-Ra skirt ?,  I remember being a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding back in the 80s. I wore a turquoise Ra Ra skirt outfit  from M&S and felt amazing.

Well I was lucky enough and oh so privileged recently to interview the joint creator of the Ra-Ra  and Midi skirt, and of course the person responsible for many other amazing pieces of fashion history.Gifi Fields

The “Gifi Fields”…………….

Real clothing is genuine – designed with emotion, sincerity and love – is true, brings joy, is a pleasure,” 

Gifi owns Coppernob, a fashion house located in London that sells their collections to Retailers such as Miss Selfridges where they had a very popular collection called “Ginger nut” . He has also been very successful in Topshop , Harrods and of course with the new fuller figure range “Scarlet & Jo” at Evans.

Coppernob’s  current brand range includes “Scarlet & Jo” at Evans, “KT Maternity” at ASOS,  and “Julia” at Tescos.

Gifi Says “The Ra-Ra skirt was created with Angela Stone who is a designer I worked with from about 1979. She had an obsession with tu-tus. We simply made one first in a single jersey and then made one in a printed soft fabric, a lot of time was spent on the dimensions. Sold out in Top Shop in 3 hours in February 1981. It was crazy.”

So onto the questions ……………….

Qu1  – Janie B – How old were you when you came up with your first business idea, what was it and was it successful?

Gifi “I was very young, do we count lemonade stands, if so  California as an 8 year old. Yes it was successful. Seriously though, I had a lot of success with the Ragfreak and Gingernut labels I started more than 40 years plus years ago when I was 19. I worked very, very hard and sold a majority shareholding when I got into trouble to a business partner, I was 23.  I learned a lot more about business administration which is all important. Fail out left and started Coppernob just before my 25th birthday, ”

Qu2  – Janie B  -  Do you find fashion to be a closed shop or do you think its easier than it was to break into the industry.

Gifi ” I think the mass market is virtually a closed shop and it’s very unhealthy. However, it is opening through the Internet and producers with nous and hard work  there are opportunities but not as great as mine in the late 60’s early 70’s.”

Qu3 – Janie B - You seem to be a bit of a romanticist at heart and are well know in the fashion industry for innovative designs. Where do you think your inspiration comes from?

Gifi - “My childhood really. Women have always inspired me. I am more than a bit of a romanticist. I am unashamedly so, my job is to create and deliver fantasy and to some extent illusion that enhances female form and femininity. I try to create an easy to carry/wear image that a woman can project. A lot of the stuff we do is simple. It’s all in the cut. ”

Qu4 – Janie B –  Why did you decide to invest and go into the fuller figure market with the collection “Scarlet & Jo”?Scarlet and Jo Flower Power

Gifi – “Yeah, that is interesting in that I got involved through luck in timing when Evans launched their shape initiative. Strictly speaking I am not a designer, I am more of a tailoring engineer. I had done some things for Evans back in the 80’s basically we were very big, in fact enormous with Top Shop at the time, and one of their directors goaded me to do it, and I have always been a bit of show off. So I had a bit of insight. The business imperative was the close shop. The way the high street is set up is preventative from a lot of great product ever seeing the light of day because it doesn’t fit in with the stories or themes set by retail design departments. It is not about the product, it’s about whether the product fits cohesively into the product range story. I can have great product but no retailers who want to buy, distribute and sell it.

With the Evans thing, I had been a very big player at DP for many years, I felt about the time that they were going down the wrong product route, said so, and they gave me the opportunity to develop a brand for them called Billie & Blossom which became a hugely successful in over 400 stores and online and it became political and I was subject to a lot of interference with the product ranges, back at square one. I approached Evans, I needed a challenge, there was a deal to be done that would suit both of us. There is no greater pleasure for a designer than to have collections well received. The whole Internet thing has been very important as it’s pretty instant the blogging community are customers, critical reviewers, model it gringo it to life.

We launched with the powerfit illusion dresses and they were an overnight sensation. Scarlet and Jo Power FitThink I got sucked into it, carried away a bit. You know Evans have been very supportive. Our mandate is broadly speaking 20 -35 year olds attitudinally.

To my delight I discovered that there was a like for vVintage Fabricsintage and retro. I am walking retro in the sense that I was an original supplier to Top Shop and Miss S in 1970. The late 60’s and 70’s looks were really retro with exponents like Barbara H at Biba; Ozzie Clark and the other designers at Radley, where the background was more hippy and hand painting; tie and dyeing. Alot of my girlfriends were designers and the other were into clothes and that was a big influence on me.”


Qu5 – Janie B –  How do you build a cult brand ?

“Gifi” – “I wish i knew, never thought of it like that, niche sometimes  works re a destination brand exclusive At Evans.”

Scarlet and Jo Fit and Flair

Qu6 – Janie B – Out of all the pieces that you have created which one has given you the most satisfaction?

“Gifi” – “The first velvet maxi , but really there has been so many. The 2 in 1prom series. The current Oriental print prom in midnight. The entire 40’s dress series. The fit & flare series. The hanky hem fit and flare.



Qu7 – Janie B –  Is it harder to stay on top, once you get there than it is to rise to the top?

“Gifi” – ” Yep, the reason that it is, is because you always have to meet customer expectations as a minimum and they grow. You have to hit the mark consistently every time.”

Gifi Fields and Team Coppernob


Qu8 – Janie B – Are you still up for the challenge Gifi :0)?

“Gifi” – “Gosh yes and more than ever. Its fantastic but we have so many hurdles to get over. It takes a lot of years work and all my guys sharing the vision and being exact in execution.”




So thank-you to Gifi Fields for his honesty and humor , such an interesting chappie and hopefully we will cross paths soon.  Enjoy all xx

Janie Bs favorite Scarlet & Jo creations:

Fav Scarlet and Jo

Coppernob Fashions –
Scarlet & Jo -


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Get Fit in 2015 – The Food

If you’ve read my earlier posts this blog is all about getting healthier in 2015.  I’m not only taking on more exercise but I’m also looking at what I eat and of equal importance when I eat. In order for me personally to get healthier and deal with my medical conditions I not only need to exercise in order to shape up but I also need to reduce my calorie, sugar and fat content.

I’ve read so many articles recently that say that in order to loose body fat you need to ensure you not only eat breakfast, but apparently there are also optimum times that you should be eating your meals. ie Breakfast by 7:17 lunch by 12: and Dinner by 6:6pm and definitely before 7pm.  I’m not sure I buy into eating at these exact times but I do think its pretty important to watch that you are not eating late into the night as this is when we usually get more Sedentary and  those naughty calories stick to our bodies like a sticking plaster.

The NHS site says for women to maintain a healthy weight women should take around (2,000Kcal) a day however if you want to loose weight and that BTW is every-bodies choice then you should exercise and reduce your calorie intake.

So I’ve started a food diary and I will be checking approximate calories/fat and sugar levels to ensure that I am having the correct level of vitamins and calories for my size and condition.

I have several medical issues, high blood pressure, Diabetes type 2 and also a skin condition called Telangiectasia Macularis Eruptiva Pigmenposa all of which flairs up if I eat the wrong foods. Hence my personal reason for getting fit in 2015.

Theres lots of information on the NHS website so take a look.

Anyway as well as keeping my food diary , I’m also going to post some recipes that I’ve tried that you will all hopefully like, so keep a look out for some separate posts.

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I’m an apple apparently,  although I;m not sure I like being compared to a fruit, luckily apples are tasty and I am quite in love with Pink Ladies and no people they are not girlies they are beautifully reddy pink juicy apples.  

Moi Liverpool Fashion week Enigma ClothingAs an apple I find anything that sits and flairs from the waist makes me look six months pregnant.  Not a good look for a 5:8 size 20/22 gorgeous old bagged brunette bombshell like myself :0).  Apples are described as having thin legs ( check mine are slender and long at a 31 inch leg) .  Soft tummy area ( check my wobbles wibble when I move) and I have been told recently by a designer who shall remain nameless a small bust ( but I don’t agree with this at 40C I think I have quite an adequate bosom thank-you)

I personally find things like skinny jeans, tunic tops and A line dresses suit my shape and look good on me.

I do remember that Scarlett & Jo  had a flower tunic dress when it first launched and I was rather perturbed as it sold out before my pay day. It was an A line shape, slightly gathered at the waist so there’s not an expanse of fabric with a wrap over  v neck, to flatter your chesty area and cute three quarter almost kimono style sleeves. Definitely a perfect dress for me, perhaps Gifi Fields the designer would care to bring it back so I can have it in my life :0)

Scarlett & Jo Poppy Print Dress

I also find things like thigh length jackets are good, biker jackets in particular enhance my figure.  However one rather big and definite no no for me are coats that have double lapels as they just make me look like a granny apple.

You can see my style here, I love to wear funky tops, waist coats, fury jackets and silk I just adore silk lingerie. So that’s a bit of fun over, I wrote this off the back of a post on the Evans page where they quoted 40% of British Women are an Apple.

So as you can see when somebody calls you an apple they are not mocking your figure they are similarly describing your shape.  Although sometimes I find it rather presumptuous and dictatorial when a company feels it can  tell you exactly whats best for you to wear.  When you know darned well, that you don’t care one jot , you;ll ignore what they say, and you will wear what ever you fancy !.  On that note I wish you night night and don’t let the bed bugs bite xx.

Evans Dress £15.00Janie Britton 5 Janie Britton 2Janie Britton 1

DSC_7646Janie B pic6

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Feeling like a Queen in Evans ,Wallis and Live Unlimited

So for my New Years outfit 2014 I choose to wear myIMG_20141231_215656343 newly purchased  Live Unlimited Dress from the plus sized range at Wallis and  paired it with my Beth Ditto Evans Leggings, cowboy boots and my New Black Faux Fur and Boucle Coat all from Evans.

I’d had my hair cut prior to Christmas  at Freddies Hair in Rawtenstall , loving the cut, Matt the senior stylist there is amazing bells.  ( BTW the King of the jungle gets his hair cut here as well oooh how posh am I lol)

Makeup  – Eyeshadow is a combination of  Clinique and Chanel Smokey Eyes. Lipstick is Chanel Allure Passion 13. The  Perfume is Chanel Allure my total favorite and thanks to my hubby for buying it for my birthday on Christmas Eve :0) .

I felt just amazing, the cut of the Live Unlimited dress is really good in that it enhances rather than detracts from your curves.  Its cut so there’s more room in the hip/bum area which is great for apple and pear shapes. The dress itself is brightly colored in orange, beige, black and purple, which is just perfect for me as I love to wear brighter colors.  I wore the dress all night  ,it never creased and I felt really cool considering I was doing a lot of dancing oh and eating.

New Years Eve 2014 dress 1

On the eating note, we had a Thai meal at The Three Monkeys in Todmorden and oh my goodness it was rather rather lush, a starter and then for the main green thai chicken curry yum and very healthy. Such a great night , amazing food , fantastic service and great music really enjoyed it.

Anyway back to the Live Unlimited dress, I particularly loved the sleeves on this dress , they are extended in length and reminded me re the style of kimono sleeves without the bagginess, very flattering indeed.

I’m 5:8 and the length of the dress ( size 20)  for me was spot on landing above the knee.  I know some ladies out there are not keen on showing their legs but for me I don’t mind as I think my legs are one of my best features lol, plus it gets the hubbies blood racing ha ha.


As mentioned earlier I paired the dress with my Beth Ditto leggings from Evans  a few seasons ago, cowboy boots and the totally lovely Coat from Evans the Black Faux Fur and Boucle Coat. So more on the coat.

The coat as you can see is collarless, the main body of the coat is faux fur with the sleeves consisting of boucle fabric which is very on trend.  The coat is again really flattering and has hidden pockets, fastens via hooks and sits at thigh length.  Last night it was particularly cold and windy and this coat really kept me lovely and warm all night long.  The coat feels really luxurious and I felt very smart.  This style takes me back to the Seven days when we saw tremendous designer type pieces.  Evans do seem to be  getting back on track and certainly with this coat I think they are getting there.


So let me know what you thought of my New Year outfit, I loved it and I hope you all do too.

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