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So I’ve not been feeling overly well this week and have bit picked up a rather nasty bug. So it was nice to get a name mention from an interview ( link here) I’d completed with Giffi Fields early in the year in the recent Scarlet & Jo blog where they are featuring pictures of bloggers  in the new AW15 collections.

Now one thing I just need to know  – where was my invite Giffi my love, ha ha?

If you follow me on pinterest you’ll know I love gardening veggies and flowers. In fact I’ve just put a new flower bed in place and put up lots of hanging baskets I’m really turning into a gardening health freak :0) . I do have some summer items that have flowers on but  I’m really not over-ally girly flowery type person.

I’m certainly not interested in a AW15 collection that has tons of flower prints and girly elegant long ball gowns and maxis.  I’m more a rock type chick with a bit of paisley 70s mixed in :0) .  So I was very pleased to see this tunic, this is definitely one of my favorite looks from Scarlet & Jo modeled via a rather cutsie blogger Mrs Bebe

The garment is described as a keyhole tunic, in monochrome ( black & white)  , it features kimono style elbow length sleeves with a slight flare from the waist. The tunic quite happily sits on the mid thigh or if you are vertically challenged (its a  joke don’t kill me) could sit on or around the knee area.

I’m not aware of the fabric please Giffi let it be silk or a cotton mix ( pretty please)  – hate fabrics made from polyester, they can be so hot.  The tunic anyway to me, seems to  emit tones of retroism, I’d pair it with a gorgeous pair of suede boots, I’d probably add wine colored boots  ( theres some nice ones in Evans currently)  maybe a floppy hat to mix in the 70s theme.   Well I  love it just needs my body in it,  nice tunic Giffi my old chum, keep them coming x.

I also like the pattern and top half on this dress, its a maxi and has the paisley print I love, as its a maxi its not for me but if it was above knee length or just a peplum top I’d be all over it  as I really dig the neckline and sleeves.  I suppose I could cut the bottom off and work my personal magic on it for my style requirements. But then would I offend lovely Giffi and his team mmm probably !.  Instead I’ll ask pretty please for a top or shorter dress in a similar style or a tunic that I can wear with a leather jacket would be super dupa :0) .  The gorgeous girlie in the pic is of course the stunning Mayah  ( sorry darling dont know what your blog name is) .  So out of the AW15 collection I like 1.5 items not bad for me really as I can be super critical.

The stunning Mayah sure knows how to work a maxi.

Thanks for reading ( unless your not then your loss :0) kisses xxxxxxx)


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4 thoughts on “Scarlet & Jo new retro stuff

  1. Janie we had a photo shoot featuring an Evans collection that Mrs Bebe is wearing. A red Carpet collection for Yours Clothing which is under wraps. A Spring capsule collection for Simply Be and our own web site coming soon that Mayah’s dress is from for next Spring. So four and a half collections.
    The jacquard dress that Becky is modelling is in our polyester/elastane which does breathe but rates about 5/10 on the sweat scale its a winter garment.

    • Hey Giffi babe hope you;re doing well.
      I’ll have to try the dress on when its in stock and rate its hotness :0)

      Re the maxi, pretty please do it in a shorter version :0)

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