Body Confidence – Are you Curvy or just Fat?

Seems everybody is jumping on the band wagon with regards this one so thought I’d add my two peneth.

I’m one of those people who always ( always) covers up, I’m not a great one to show their legs or let alone wear a bikini in public.  But then that’s just me I guess, you’re not going to change my mindset because its trendy to show all your lumps and bumps and call yourself curvy when in fact you are fat. I’m now too old and I wont change I promise you lol!.

Whoops! I said the fat word, another thing that people find offensive, I mean why are you so offended I don’t get it?.  If you are over your standard weight for your height and frame then you are fat right?.  Why some ladies call themselves curvy, I do not know , embrace you’re fat ,if you are happy with it. Wear what you want to and don’t give a flip about what people think ( its Mind over matter literally). Listen, don’t think that you have to call yourselves “curvy” because everybody tells you , you should!.



There are a few prominent bloggers out there that are championing the word Fat and taking it back and owning it , I’m sure you my lovely readers can do the same.



I’m happy in my skin, yes I am, ( honest)  but, and yes there is a but, I am still conscious of the tummy roll area and the double chin it doesn’t suit me and I am very very vain. I do need to continue to loose weight and get healthier as I am type 2 Diabetic and for me that’s the right decision. Some people reacted to my losing weight in the past in different ways, ie abandonment, disloyal etc. I got the vibe that some people ( weird I know) felt I was sort of abandoning the plus community, nope not guilty. All I’m doing is ensuring that I’m still around long enough to enjoy my life and live out those dreams.  ie Mine are going to Memphis making it big and having a number 1 in the charts with my band Skyeladder

So anyway back to the body confidence thing – here is a picture of myself in a swimsuit, also first time in Malta September 2017 as well after holidaying in the UK for years due to my hubby being super ill.

I didn’t make it to a bikini , but then again I just didn’t want to !.

The cossie I have on is a  Beth Ditto Swimsuit , this is back from when Evans where brave,  in that they had exciting designers such as Beth pull together capsule collections for them. I think I look pretty good what do you think.?

Here’s one of me in shorts showing my legs ( Shock/Horror, this is rare though.) 

I also know its a bit corny but I recorded this ditti around body confidence a few years ago.  Have a listen and if you want get it shared around so more people can hear me sing :0) and push my music I’m in a band called Skyeladder :0 )

Enjoy the blog and speak to you all soon ………..

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