The Society way to say “Plus”

So one thing I am noticing quite a lot and I’m not sure how I feel/stand re this.  But I see a lot of plus sized people describing their physiques as curvy rather than plus sized, fat or obese. Is this because we are afraid of what we actually are and want to change how we are perceived?  Is it just a nicer way for us to describe ourselves to society to avoid persecution??

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Home grown gorgeousness – Veggies not Fashion

I grew these radishes in my allotment garden, and they taste gorgeous.
Its great to see my garden really develop , its not easy I have spent many many hours digging weeding and planting.  At last I am starting to see the fruits per say of my labor.


Radish from the garden for tea, cooked with Garlic Oil and Cider – yum.



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Naughty or Nice? – Katie Hopkins

Whos been watching Celebrity Big Brother, what do you make of Katie Hopkins?.

I must admit to being rather intrigued shes coming across as really nice. I know shes slated the voluptuous community and doesn’t mince her words re what she calls “Fat People” being lazy and I guess I’m included in that,  but I’m confused.

Is she a nice person hiding under all of that controversy.? Or is it all a big game to get more publicity?

What do you think of Katie Hopkins , is she?

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Why do we buy QUANTITY over QUALITY? ???????????

Subliminal messaging is everywhere, on our TVs, on bill boards even in our places of work. We are encouraged to buy cheap goods in quantity rather then offering a consideration towards putting a little money aside to obtain a quality product that is going to last. It seems to be the trend that to save and buy key fashion pieces is considered old fashion and instead the trend seems to be towards purchasing cheap fast high street fashion.

Given the chance which path would you take?

Cheap and cheerful and plenty of it?

Or save and invest in some key quality fashion pieces?

Let me know……………………….

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