The girl with the gold in her hair

So I was recently introduced to hair color, at 47 and rather afraid of changing anything re my hair  ( I’ve not even had my ears pieced)  I was slightly skeptical to say the least. Ive always been very dark haired, dark hazel eyes and fairly palish skin.

I also have a skin condition which means I have to take tablets, at any time I can have an allergy to food I didnt have a reaction to before. I;m also very sensitive to day to day products and pet hair/dust.  So I’ve always had to be very very careful.

So anyway I was talking on facebook as you do to my most favorite of all hair designers Matt from award winning Freddies Hair in Rawtenstall Lancashire, hes been cutting my hair for years and is the only person I trust hair wise.  I’m terribly vain hairs important to this girl :0) .

Anyway he invited me to attend a consultation and managed to convince me I would look great with a softer color to enhance my features and complexion.  He even brought a wig out to demonstrate the color he was thinking of which made me giggle as I looked like barbi but with brown hair.    Being 47 I recognize that as you tread on through life that your complexion tone changes and you need to compensate accordingly.

Matt recommended using #‎schwarzkopf‬ rich chocolate base with accents of gold and caramel. The intention being that this would introduce a golden color that would naturally enhance my complexion/skin tones. He asked me to add a tester to my arm to ensure that I didn’t develop any allergies/redness at least 48 hours before my appointment.

So the day of reckoning came, I was silly nervous and came close to cancelling several times.   Matt checked my arm to ensure I was allergy free which I was phew.  I’m do glad I didn’t cancel as Matt and his team where superb with me. I love the environment in Freddies its not only lovely to look at but , its so relaxed and friendly. Everybody has a smile on their face and they are really good at the hair chat thing (  no mention of “Where are you off on your hols” lol ) .

Several treatments/highlights later and we’re done.  The whole transformation thing took around four hours which is a long time yes I know, but you know what it was worth it.  I totally love it and no itching or burning scalp yipee :0)  ( and bonus my hubbie said I look sexy as hell ha ha)

Note: The above pictures are courtesy of Freddies.


12109262_696799657086337_6200137413861071880_n Janie New Hair

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