Janie B modeling at Alternative Fashion Fest ( Nicky rockets)

I recently modeled for the Alternative Fashion Fest as part of a show they put on at a festival over in NE Wales. I’ve modeled for Alt Fest a few times and love it as they encourage you to be yourself, they stand up for diversity and actually let the models express emotion which is amazing for me.

This time I was modeling the fabulous Nicky Rocket Tees , check the red rather lush. I paired the tee with my faithful Evans Boots, Simply be Skort and Fishnet tights from The Big Tights company.

BTW the Alternative Fashion Fest have their next show at Circo in Liverpool this Wednesday 29th June 2016 from 7pm and its free   – see you there.  Heres the link to the event https://www.facebook.com/events/1721222301478718/  xx




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Tour date 1 – Festival Tour Outfits – Skyeladder Band ( Simply Be, Next, Evans)

Tour date 1 – 18th April 2016 at the Bacup Folk Club pre-festival Gig.
Moi on stage with my band Skyeladder Top from Simplybe Trousers from Next and Boots from Evans.
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Plus sized retailers – my pet hates

My wish list of things that I believe plus sized retailers need to sort.

1 – Use cooler fabrics for your garments nylon is so hot.

2 – Bear in mind that we are not all hour glass figured ladies,  for an apple or pear shape having an elasticated gathered waist  just cuts us in half and makes us look fatter.

3 –  Stop with the celebrity collections they look so cheap.

4 – Try using a range of models so we can actually see what the garments look like on a size 20 upwards.

5 – Have more options re garments with sleeves, sleeveless is fine but in summer I don’t want to have to wear a hot cardi/shrug especially when I am abroad on hols.

6 – Also dresses with huge gathered skirts only look good on super slender peeps, I have tried many and just look pregnant in them.

7 – Stop elasticating waists on trousers – we are not that fat you know that we cant do up a button and zip!

8 – Stop mimicking slender fashion and use original and creative ideas to create plus fashion that fits our plus sized bodies.

9 – Elasticating below the bust as a sort of waist line effect makes a lot of people look pregnant. Fine if you are preggies but not good if you are not and plus sized.

10 – Why are there such restricted options for Tall people – do they deserve to have trousers that finish around their shins?  Have they done something wrong to deserve this injustice?

11 – Why are there such restricted options for petite people – the amount of issues I see where an item is just too long and hems and sleeves have to be taken up?

12 – Why is there no standardization between sizes in one shop I’m a 20 another an 18 etc its so annoying.?

13 – If you are happy enough to have a plus sized collection on your website retailers at least be decent enough to put it into your shops as well !



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Gardening Chic or not :0)

I started on the front garden 03/04 as it was a bit of a gorgeous day. Check out my garden chic. I managed to dig over the three layered beds, bit of weeding still to be done. Off shortly up to Gordon Riggs to pick up some plants and herbs . Primarily looking for color and plants that cascade to create a lovely cottage garden look.

My outfit for the day – Gardening chic :0) unfortunately I couldn’t wear my fancy dresses but I do look pretty hot lol.

Boots – Hubbys old size 10 walking boots
Hooded jacket – Simply Be Fashion
Trackies – Simply Be Fashion
Gloves – Gordon Riggs . Bottoms Mill
Spade – Wilkinson Sword via Gordon Rigg
Hair Style before I messed it up lol – Freddies Hair-Salon
Makeup – none I am au natural today :0)

Looking a mess can be fun sometimes :0)


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