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The trials and tribulations of an introvert…..

All these people, with people, milling around, rushing, no peace for them, just a perpetual treadmill of life. Not smiling seemingly coping with life. I just smiled at one stressed looking mother who offered half a smile back and as soon as I partially looked away, the smile dropped and the stress preceded to press back into her face.

I’m sat at the Circle a beautiful church that has been converted into a haven for people like me. The ones needing the presence of people for a short time so that they still feel connected with the living.

This place is spiritual in it’s presence, there’s echos of past lives here. The energy is interesting.

My names Janie B a solo lady through no fault of my own. I enjoy watching and listening, some people think it’s an art but for us introverts it’s a necessary evil , so we can calm ourselves, gather our thoughts and build the courage to be in an environment out of our comfort zone.

The Circle. Bacup

For me today it’s The Circle, I do like it here it’s noisy today but in.good way. Mindles is sat watching the children play, not quite knowing what to make of them. There’s a bouncy castle here which the children are making full use of. Running round and round bouncing and squealing with joy. The air is full of chattering and kids yelling, chairs be dragged across the cold floor and the sound of the lights shimmering.

Freddie the owner just popped over to say hello to Mindles,. He’s looking rather busy with his tool kit swung over his shoulder.

This place is thriving so warm and inviting. Last time I was here it was Christmas time and the market was on. I was sad then and sad now, but what can you do.

The wave of loneliness is casting it’s net around me yet again. I came out to escape that feeling. I’m sure it will pass.

This story is about the trials and tribulations of an introvert.

To be continued…….

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