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Bedsure blanket review

#AD I was gifted this beautiful cotton waffle summer blanket from Bedsure Home

Bedsure 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket:

We had such hot weather here in the UK a couple of weeks ago that I couldn’t sleep with a full duvet on the bed.

The bedsure blanket because it’s 100 percent cotton was cooling but also a plus no sneezing or itching from me.

I have an allergy /skin issue which means I can break out into hives if I come into contact with something that my body doesn’t like so this blanket was great for me..My hubby Paul is also going through chemo for his secondary bowel cancer. He said the blanket is so cosy and really kept him at a comfortable heat allowing him to sleep without being overly uncomfortable. I’ll be washing the blanket this weekend so hopefully it will wash well.

I could have done with a larger blanket probably as I’ve put it on a king-size bed and you have to be careful not to pull the fabric as I did notice a couple of tags on hubby’s side but it was easy to pull through. But I do like this blanket for its colour, fabric content and comfort. Have a look and see what you think x






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Fighting Cancer and his new chemo pump

Well as you may or may not know , my hubby Paul has been struggling with Cancer for a few years as well as having three Pulmonary Embolisms and a Chronic Pain condition called CRPS.

It started off with bowel cancer in which he had an operation to remove the cancer , they decided no chemo needed and we thought that’s it all done and dusted and back to normal life. But then he started to feel unwell a number of months later , was tested and it turns out he had developed Multiple Myeloma cancer. Fast forward six months hes had a Stem cell transplant and seemed okay for a bit. Then a secondary cancer in the lung in 2020 decided to come and visit so he had another operation but at Blackpool Victoria this time.

Well its happened again he has got another secondary cancer from the bowel in his lung. It all started before Christmas he was very very tired falling asleep at the drop of a hat. We spoke to the doctors they put it down to his CRPS complex regional pain syndrome and just generally recovering from the cancers that he had.

It was only when his Bowel consultant decided to sign him off as she was happy with him that she decided as part of the sign off to do one last blood test. The results came back quickly to show he had raised CEA cancer markers.

So a CT scan later and it showed a lot of fluid around his lungs. So in he goes to have the pleural effusion drained from his lung at Blackburn Hospital and the results came back, saying the fluid was malignant.

We met with the consultant who seemed to quite like our lighthearted chillness we’re happy people and like to be positive , however this time its worse again. He has secondary cancer in his lung again called metastic adeno carinoma. The consultant said the cancer is not curable and any chemo will be palliative/disease control based. So he will have 6 sessions of Chemo and they will then review to see if its working.

I am totally floored I know I have to be strong for Paul but how do I do this when my heart is breaking and I feel somebody has just pulled my guts out and pulled them over my head.? Please tell me how, this can be happening again!, if they had done chemo the first time around would he still have these problems and why on earth is everything he gets not cureable?

Paul started chemo at the new unit in Burnley on Friday after having a pic line inserted on the Thursday and of course having a covid test prior to all of this. He went in for his chemo at 9am and I picked him up at 1pm, I waited for him sat in the car doing emails, walked the pup and just generally sat worrying.

Now he’s home, what has surprised me is how totally wiped out Paul ( hubby) is, he was exhausted because of the pleural effusion but this tiredness is on a new level. He’s been sick, constipated and totally off his food which is so unlike Paul. He’s been in bed since Friday not having the strength to go down stairs and just looks really ill , which to be honest is a first as during his other cancers he really didn’t look that bad.

As part of the chemo treatment hes on something called FolFox which goes in via his pic line into his blood stream then he also has a chemo pump which stays on for 48 hours with the district nurse coming in to disconnect the pump and clean the pic line.

Paul and his new pal ( PITA)

Paul said this is his new friend PITA ( you can work out the meaning yourselves) , Its a chemo pump.. The pump slowly pushes the chemo drug through his blood stream via the pic line and slowly inflates the ballon – clever hey. So welcome PITA to the Britton household.

On a happier note hes upbeat, still exhausted and in pain but look at my lovely chap he still has a fighting sparkle in his eyes.

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Evans Sale – Jump for the Stars

There’s some great bargains in the Evans sale. Check out this amazing jumper size 18. I’ve teamed it with sequin studded jeans and a shocking pink jacket from @marksandspencerfashionpr Just perfect to go out for a stroll or present a cheerful front. Today I’m taking hubby for his chemotherapy so wanted to be nice and bright.#starjumper#plusbabe#psbloggerstyle

Covid Vaccine Day

Vaccine day for me today – personally I’m looking forward to it – hopefully bring back some sort of normality back to my life. Not that hubby about to start intensive chemo Friday and having a pic line inserted is normal. All I want for us is a few days out , change of scene and to go out for tea once in a while. Not much I know but would be nice as all I see currently are hospital walls.

Hows everybody doing?

Hows everybody doing today?.

I’m spending my Mothering Sunday moving bags of manure and starting my seeds off. I started growing my own veg and fruit about 5 years ago and have pretty much turned my back garden into a home allotment. I find time in the open air helps me think, gives me space from the day to day stress and its usually where some of my ideas are born for some of the songs and blogs I write. A real plus side for me re growing my own and its not just good exercise, is the amazing taste and smell of your own produce.

So the point of this post is to really say to you , take time, breath, you need the space to recover from your day make sure you take time to care for you.

So Whats everybody else doing today and how are you doing?…/my-home-allotment/

Daytime Glam – Clinique

Daytime glam, I’m not a massive fan of an over caked face full of foundation and really heavy makeup so daytime glam is just perfect for me.

I have found over the years with my weird skin condition TMEP that anything can kick it off, packaged food, additives, hair and makeup products, environment ie wind and of course stress so I end up with weird blisters and itchy skin. So I have to careful which makeup I used and to be honest Clinique is the one I aways go back to because I can use their eye shadows and lippys and they don’t make my skin itch and burn.

I love Cliniques pretty easy range and have an eye pallette in browns which I’ve been using for a while for my day time look. I recently added the beach pop Matt lippy ( cute color) and pretty easy liquid eyeliner pen in order to create my day time glam look.

All great products from Clinique go and take a look and let me know what you think. x

Telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans (TMEP) is a rare type of mastocytosis that presents as multiple asymptomatic, flat, reddish-brown lesions on the skin. This skin disorder is caused by an increased number of mast cells entering the skin.

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Frighteningly good nightwear – M&S

This Zebra nightie from Marks and Spencer is frighteningly good.

I seriously love the nightwear from M&S its also so comfortable and so fun, I mean look at this Zebra print how cute is it ( I’m cute in it lol) . Only £15.00 :0) check out the link to the nightie here

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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day – I’ve been on hols from work for two weeks, fully intending to go to my favorite place Skye for a break. However during that time, my lovely Suzie pup has died, we’ve been flooded and it looks like we’re all going to be on lock down again. If that lots not a challenge to your mental health I don’t know what is!.
So how do you handle the above? , well I’ve cried ( yes its normal) , I’ve distracted myself and decorated the bedroom ( yes its mind numbing and my knees are bruised from kneeling down ) ,I’ve slept most mornings to 9:00am :0) , I’ve planted five raspberry bushes, harvested the tomatoes, made chutney., baked scones and apple cake Ooh and I’ve written two songs for my band.
I must admit, its been a very hard two weeks mentally and I am thankyou for my friends and family, who understand and get me.
My advice to you all is, if life is giving you a good old kick, step back, take a look around you, talk to your friends and family , I know sometimes its hard to ask for help but sometimes you just need to and you’ll feel better for doing so. Do what makes you feel happy and remember the most important person is you!.
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