Tour date 4 – 30th April 2016 – Darwen Live ( Simplybe , Evans) .

So we are already at Tour date 4 almost half way through our Summer festivals tour with my band Skyeladder.  I cant believe how quickly time is going.

This time we played at Darwen Live a great musical yearly event where theres’ music pretty much ongoing across the Darwen area all over the BH weekend.

This time I choose a decorated jewel black sleeveless vest top from Simplybe and paired it with a black see through tee and also a pair of red pants and sandals from Evans Clothing.


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Tour date 3 – 29th April 2016 at Steelfest Irlam – Evans/Next/yours/Dowd

Tour date 3 – 29th April at Steelfest Irlam Festival

What a gorgeously warm day it was over the bank holiday weekend it was super-hot so I took the chance to wear my fabulous white vest top from Yours fashion.  I must stress though I bought this as a plain white vest and had the lips added by the fabulously talented Kevin Bowd  (Boy Georges brother) who provides  most of his brothers hats and jackets.  They also have a label called “b-rude



I paired the lips vest with my trousers from Next and sandals from Evans and also added the totally amazing grey fringed jacket also from Evans made in a faux suede.

I love the versatility of the  jacket , I’ve worn it loads with jeans and linen pants over Spring and can imagine that this could also be a fab jacket that will take be right into Autumn.

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Tour Date 2 – 30th April 2016 at the North East Wales Diversity Festival Gig and Ask Fashion

Tour date 2 – 30th April 2016 at the North East Wales Diversity Festival Gig.
Here I am on the outdoor stage with my band Skyeladder, such a fun day and the reaction to our new songs “Mercy” and “Take Me” was amazing.  Thankyou everybody for coming to support us.  As usual with my other posts I am blogging about the outfit I wore ( which by the way in case you are all wondering –  I have bought all of them ) .
So for this gig I wore my ASK fashion flag dress which I absolutely love its made from a stretchy woolen like material which kept me cool all day and is hand made by the lovely Amanda.  Ask fashion is a designer label in the states I met the designer Amanda a few years ago when I was in New York for the Fuller Figure fashion Week shows and raved about her collection.
In order to compliment the dress I paired the look with fishnet tights from The big tights company. Evans cowboy leather boots and a black furry gilet from Evans which I bought years and years ago paired with fishnet tights from The big tights company.
Overall a great look for stage , let me know what you think x.
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Wingz the alternative to cardigans and shrugs!

Hey all ,  about a month ago I was gifted a pair of Wingz  size 2 , for review purposes. I must admit to having struggled a little on the review as I like to adore everything I am gifted but as you know sometimes thats not always the case.

I don’t know if you have ever seen this item of clothing, but basically they are supposed to be the alternative to cardigans and shrugs!.   I was sent the black beaded angel  Wingz, which are quite pretty however a little pricey at £24.69.

For those of you confused on how this works basically you wear it over your bra then you slip your sleeveless dress/top etc over the top and you then have sleeves.

Wingz going over your bra

I tried a dress, top and waistcoat and too be honest I just couldn’t get used to the concept.

If you buy a sleeveless dress or top I guess you are okay about showing your arms.  So unless you suddenly think I really hate the tops of my arms then I  guess these could be useful. To be honest I’m not convinced.



Anyway onto the material its described as chiffon but then lower down in the description on the site it says 100% polyester so its one or the other.  I know several bloggers have reviewed these and they all have their own perspective and experience of this product but they’re not for me.

Here’s a few pictures of what they look like under various items.


So finally ,  thankyou to Wingz for gifting these to be, however  if anybody wants to give them a try I’ll happy post them to you,  all I need is for you to cover the postage.

Let me know what you think.


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