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The trials and tribulations of an introvert…..

All these people, with people, milling around, rushing, no peace for them, just a perpetual treadmill of life. Not smiling seemingly coping with life. I just smiled at one stressed looking mother who offered half a smile back and as soon as I partially looked away, the smile dropped and the stress preceded to press back into her face.

I’m sat at the Circle a beautiful church that has been converted into a haven for people like me. The ones needing the presence of people for a short time so that they still feel connected with the living.

This place is spiritual in it’s presence, there’s echos of past lives here. The energy is interesting.

My names Janie B a solo lady through no fault of my own. I enjoy watching and listening, some people think it’s an art but for us introverts it’s a necessary evil , so we can calm ourselves, gather our thoughts and build the courage to be in an environment out of our comfort zone.

The Circle. Bacup

For me today it’s The Circle, I do like it here it’s noisy today but in.good way. Mindles is sat watching the children play, not quite knowing what to make of them. There’s a bouncy castle here which the children are making full use of. Running round and round bouncing and squealing with joy. The air is full of chattering and kids yelling, chairs be dragged across the cold floor and the sound of the lights shimmering.

Freddie the owner just popped over to say hello to Mindles,. He’s looking rather busy with his tool kit swung over his shoulder.

This place is thriving so warm and inviting. Last time I was here it was Christmas time and the market was on. I was sad then and sad now, but what can you do.

The wave of loneliness is casting it’s net around me yet again. I came out to escape that feeling. I’m sure it will pass.

This story is about the trials and tribulations of an introvert.

To be continued…….

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Bereavement… Article written by Jane Britton

I was asked recently to write an article on grief for Lifestyle magazine.

I lost my wonderful husband Paul to stage 4 bowel cancer in March 2022. He is my soulmate, my best friend and the world was definitely a better place with him in it.

Grief especially complicated grief is hard and you can experience a wave of emotions on a daily basis.By writing this article I wanted to raise awareness around bereavement and for you all to know that it’s ok for you not to be ok.

It’s ok for you to express your emotions. You’ll have bad days, slightly better days, then before you know it you’re back on that emotional rollercoaster again. It’s all absolutely normal.

The article is online here. Page 14, via the Cyprus edition.


UK edition online soon.

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Finalist… Positive Awards

Hey all, hope you had some time with your loved ones over the festive season.

I’m delighted to let you all know that I’ve just got into the final of The Positive Awards. How marvellous is this, I’m not sure who nominated me but thankyou.



Vote Janie Britton

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Evans Sale – Jump for the Stars

There’s some great bargains in the Evans sale. Check out this amazing jumper size 18. I’ve teamed it with sequin studded jeans and a shocking pink jacket from @marksandspencerfashionpr Just perfect to go out for a stroll or present a cheerful front. Today I’m taking hubby for his chemotherapy so wanted to be nice and bright.#starjumper#plusbabe#psbloggerstyle


Covid Vaccine Day

Vaccine day for me today – personally I’m looking forward to it – hopefully bring back some sort of normality back to my life. Not that hubby about to start intensive chemo Friday and having a pic line inserted is normal. All I want for us is a few days out , change of scene and to go out for tea once in a while. Not much I know but would be nice as all I see currently are hospital walls.

Hows everybody doing?

Hows everybody doing today?.

I’m spending my Mothering Sunday moving bags of manure and starting my seeds off. I started growing my own veg and fruit about 5 years ago and have pretty much turned my back garden into a home allotment. I find time in the open air helps me think, gives me space from the day to day stress and its usually where some of my ideas are born for some of the songs and blogs I write. A real plus side for me re growing my own and its not just good exercise, is the amazing taste and smell of your own produce.

So the point of this post is to really say to you , take time, breath, you need the space to recover from your day make sure you take time to care for you.

So Whats everybody else doing today and how are you doing?


Frighteningly good nightwear – M&S

This Zebra nightie from Marks and Spencer is frighteningly good.

I seriously love the nightwear from M&S its also so comfortable and so fun, I mean look at this Zebra print how cute is it ( I’m cute in it lol) . Only £15.00 :0) check out the link to the nightie here https://www.marksandspencer.com/cotton-zebra-print-short-nightdress/p/clp60471892?color=CHARCOALMIX

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Welcome to my new blog.

Unfortunately I lost my last blog due to an issue with the site, but I’m back and blogging again.

Hi all my name is Lady Jane ( Janie) I am a curvy lady based in Lancashire UK . I love to take pictures and blog about my musical events, fashion, food and travel. I also play in a band called Skyeladder and am a blogger and singer songwriter. My Amazon wish list – https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/2GJUWQ42ZVAW9… Also heres my Paypal https://www.paypal.com/donate?token=RzFFsbgf2GzH7OF8XbbGzi-6a_oJTt8fhlEg6g8Z3ZENRsSQjcyHTPieKK69H7LcQEANulVLf6OA5L6N janie@skyeladder.net should anybody want to send a gift so I can buy some recording equipment to enable me to record my original songs. Also a much needed lens for my camera. If donating via paypal please use the Friends and family option so I dont have to pay a fee thankyou. http://janiebritton.skyeladder.net

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