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Bereavement… Article written by Jane Britton

I was asked recently to write an article on grief for Lifestyle magazine.

I lost my wonderful husband Paul to stage 4 bowel cancer in March 2022. He is my soulmate, my best friend and the world was definitely a better place with him in it.

Grief especially complicated grief is hard and you can experience a wave of emotions on a daily basis.By writing this article I wanted to raise awareness around bereavement and for you all to know that it’s ok for you not to be ok.

It’s ok for you to express your emotions. You’ll have bad days, slightly better days, then before you know it you’re back on that emotional rollercoaster again. It’s all absolutely normal.

The article is online here. Page 14, via the Cyprus edition.


UK edition online soon.

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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day – I’ve been on hols from work for two weeks, fully intending to go to my favorite place Skye for a break. However during that time, my lovely Suzie pup has died, we’ve been flooded and it looks like we’re all going to be on lock down again. If that lots not a challenge to your mental health I don’t know what is!.
So how do you handle the above? , well I’ve cried ( yes its normal) , I’ve distracted myself and decorated the bedroom ( yes its mind numbing and my knees are bruised from kneeling down ) ,I’ve slept most mornings to 9:00am :0) , I’ve planted five raspberry bushes, harvested the tomatoes, made chutney., baked scones and apple cake Ooh and I’ve written two songs for my band.
I must admit, its been a very hard two weeks mentally and I am thankyou for my friends and family, who understand and get me.
My advice to you all is, if life is giving you a good old kick, step back, take a look around you, talk to your friends and family , I know sometimes its hard to ask for help but sometimes you just need to and you’ll feel better for doing so. Do what makes you feel happy and remember the most important person is you!.
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