Sugar Free February ( Cancer Research)

Its funny how things change I’m so grateful for Christmas 2016 as it meant hubby was home recovering from his operation for bowel cancer and I really didnt think he’d be home in time.

I do remember one Christmas years and years ago we where going to a friends for Christmas dinner which was lovely as we where super skint and it was lovely to be invited as we didnt get many invites out. About an hour before we where due to go, we got a phone call it was all off due to illness.

So we where in a bit of a pickle because we hadnt bought a turkey because we’d been invited out and mostly because we where totally skint. We also hadnt been able to buy pressies because again we where skint and actually made by hand pressies which we still have. On Christmas day even though we started the day feeling rather down we actually had a great day in that we ended up going walking around Lytham St Annes in the rain and ate crisp butties for tea in the rain.

Its funny how things change but I treasure that Christmas as well as Christmas 2016 because hubby and I where together , we are happy, contented with our lot and relieved that things are now starting to improve a little. Be thankful for what you have everybody and if you feel like it pop a little donation over to this link to help motivate us in our Sugar free February in aide of research towards the early discovery of Cancer. If hubby ( Pauls) cancer hadnt been found early I’d be on my own just a sad little person with lots of doggie pics on my walls.


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Pauline Black – the art of the songwriter

Copyright – Jane Britton FThe Secret Art of Songwritingebruary 2012

I’ve always been intrigued with the art of song writing, its like any talent really, you can either do it or you cant?

Some people can write melodies but struggle with lyrics, like myself. Personally, I can do the melody no problem, can I write lyrics? – nope they turn into cheese. Very similar to the rather famous and fabulous Elton John:0), don’t you think! . To others, or as one of my piano pupils eloquently said recently “its just too F-ing hard”

Then you get the super talented, were the art of song writing is like breathing, the whole process comes so easily , its effortless, these people have to write, otherwise they’ll implode.

We mere mortals, meanwhile, stand in absolute awe (whilst quietly cursing them ).
“Well, I mean, how the hell can they create something with such amazing beauty out of the horrors that we see in our day to day society”.

Everybody’s ultimate dream is to come up with a catchy tune that you have in your head at night, wake up with it in the morning and hum subconsciously throughout the day until somebody tells you to SHUT UP. That’s when you know that you have a hit.

As part of my research I interviewed four different songwriters, all unique in their own way, yet there were commonalities in the way they wrote. Thing’s that inspired them, and their urgent and, absolute need to push the song out of their system, like a new born baby.

Pauline Black from “The Selector”
Paul Britton from “Skye Ladder”
Emma Gillespie from “Emmas Imagination”
Laura Vall from “The Controversy”

See more of the interview here –

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