Healthy Recipe – Coriander Pesto

Corriander Pesto






Pesto is a delicious and very flavoursome alternative to pine nut pesto. Good with pasta, fish or in a panini.


Two large bunches of fresh coriander
Extra virgin olive oil
Juice of one lemon (I used a lime too this time)
Pine nuts (I used a few cashews this time too.
Fresh garlic. (to taste)


All ingredients blitzed together in a food processor, blender or using a pestle and mortar. I just cut most of the coriander in, including large bits of stalk, and only leave around two inches of stalk from a bunch. I like to make this quite fluid.

Healthy Recipe – Squash Lasagne

Squash Lasagne Pic

Serves 4

450g roasted squash – roasted with garlic and thyme
1 finely chopped onion
1 finely chopped red pepper and the same with a green one
150g sliced button mushrooms
2 x 400g tins chopped toms
200g tomato puree
Salt and pepper
1 tsp each of dried thyme, parsley, oregano
2 bay leaves
12 fresh sage leaves
300g cottage cheese
150g grated mature cheddar
300g pasta sheets, dried or fresh
Oil for frying

1. Gently fry the onion, peppers and mushrooms until soft.
2. Add the tomato puree and bay – cook for 5 minutes.
3. Now add the tomatoes and herbs, bring to the boil, then simmer for at least 30 minutes and season well, fold in the squash.
4. Grease a 10” x 8” baking dish and line the bottom with pasta.
5. Fish out the bay leaves and spoon about 1/3 of the mix on to the pasta, then put “blobs’ of cottage cheese (again about 1/3) on top of the mix. Carry on for 2 more layers, finishing with mix, cottage cheese and then cheddar.
6. Bake at 180C for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
7. Serve with garlic bread.

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House of Fraser – Label Lab – Curvy collection

I’ve never really looked at House of Fraser before as having clothing to fit my curvy demure body. To be honest I probably wouldnt have looked if it hadn’t have been for a fellow blogger posting.   So trumpet sounds der der der der introducing Label Lab at House of Fraser.

Its a pretty trendy range of Gents/Womens clothing with the womens range including a capsule collection of plus sized clothing .

As you all know I’m a size 20 mostly although in some brands I now fit an 18 and I’m 5:8 and 48 years old  ( blimey I’m old my birthday was Christmas Eve :0) .  I do find it hard to find items of clothing that totally fit my style and its really hard to  find items that I could wear on stage singing with my band Skyeladder.

However I’ve just put an order in for these items so will do another blog when they arrive showing the fit and how I pair them with items in my wardrobe.

Enjoy xxxxxxxxxxx

Label Lab


Great Music Festivals 2016

Hi all, thanks for coming along to read al about great music festivals in 2016 , I’ll also mention if my band Skyeladder are playing :0)


North East Wales Diversity Festival – UK

Another great festival that we’ve recently heard about is the NE Wales Diversity Festival. On Saturday 30th April 2016 Connahs Quay, Deeside, Flintshire .


Carfest North & South – UK
Delighted to say that this great festival is on again for 2016, hosted by Chris Evans from Radio 2 with all proceeds to BBCs Children in Need. North will be the 29 – 31st July  Bolesworth Castle Cheshire and the South is 26 – 28th August Laverstoke Park Farm  Hampshire .  Skyeladder where lucky enough to play the Wigwam stage in 2015 so heres to hoping we get selected again for 2016 :0)





The bloody marvelous designer list

So I get bored easily and when I get bored I get naughty must be my creative side what with the music, writing , photography etc.   Anyway I’ve decided to pull together  a list of  designers worthy of being on “The Bloody Marvelous Designer List”   If you make the list I will promote the crap out of your collection just because I want to. 

Note this list is not influenced by PRs passing me freebies  ( believe you me that wont work and I probably wont respect you for it anyway as I;m not one of those bloggers who pleads for items to review) . 

I’ll only add designers to the list that I respect and they produce awe inspiring and innovative collections over and over again. 

So roll call please the first designer on my list is…………………..


Anna Scholz –

Anna has been in curvy fashion for quite a number of years, has her main office in London and used to model herself so she really does get what curvy women want. Anna has quite an imagination and its this imagination and great creativity that you see reflected in her designs and the prints she creates. I have a number of things  from Annas main stream collection, the quality is great, beautifully cut and the fit for me is perfection.

Anna Scholz dress one 11149581_10153646690980908_3127042554982002910_n#thankgodforthescholz




A new additional to the list is Age of Reason Scarves

I have yet to own of of these beautiful scarves as they are rather expensive however I love the fabric, the messages that Ali protrays are amazing, just beautiful.  Heres one of my favorites – I will never surrender  ( my moto :0) and of course my favorite and my mothers favorite flower the iris )






Info from the website

Age of Reason is a UK luxury print label with an emphasis on quality, sustainability and ethics. Born as a scarf studio it has evolved to add womenswear and homeware.


Our designer Ali Taylor Mapletoft, a former London filmmaker, uses confident strokes of pen and ink to create striking hand-rendered prints in her Brighton studio. Provenance is key to Ali’s production, the majority of which is undertaken by a small UK team.  Taking inspiration from literature, historical costume, pop-culture and her African childhood in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, Ali applies a quintessentially British style to her contemporary collections. Her works often include, historical drawing, hidden messages, and a dash of punk attitude.

 “A print piece should never be boring, it should become part of your personal -style story. I want to see people living effortlessly with my designs. ”

ASK Fashion

ASK Fashion is a Boston based plus size brand and company. CEO founder and creative director Amanda Koker wants you to find your inner rockstar.

Ask Fashion AW15

I’ve know about ASK fashion now for around two years when I met the lovely Amanda at a plus sized fashion event in New York City.   Her creativity and style really caught my eye check out the latest AW15 collection its full of strong signature stunning pieces. In particular I love the flag influenced dress’s and jacket’s.

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The Hit List – Curvey Events 2016

Hi all, well as we reach the start of the year we’re starting to see the announcements start to come through for Curvey Events in 2016.  I will only be adding the events I feel are good value for money and are actually interesting and not just another event to capitalise on curvy bloggers.

February 2016

The Alternative Festival show is on the Friday the 26th of Feb  – at Loft Birmingham – 143 Bromsgrove Street, B5 6RG Birmingham, United Kingdom

Facebook event page –









Heres a bit of blurb about the show.

Join us for our next show where we aim to entertain you with an evening of fabulous fashion and rockin’ performances.

Fashion Show featuring alternative and curvy fashion.
Live Entertainment from Monster Cirque
Molly & Ellie
Mc Deviate
(Band) (Live)

Raising funds in aid of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and the citys local charity Mood Swings we will be showing the nation how we rock the runway in style, celebrating the beauty of being unique and diverse.

We want to create some social change around prejudice and hate crime on account of style, size, ability, culture, sexual orientation, race and culture. Everyone is awesome in our show, no matter what.

Janie B will be walking the catwalk so please come and support her x

Main Links:

See you there!

May 2016

The Curvy Convention is a fabulous event celebrating the fuller figure with everything plus size in one convenient location. We wanted to bring the plus size community together in a body positive environment, and showcase the latest in plus size fashion on our fabulous Curvy Catwalk.

DATE: Saturday 21st May 2016
OPENING TIMES: 11am – 7pm
VENUE: The Troxy, 490 Commercial Rd, London E1 0HX

They’re currently looking for size 16 plus models so get in touch x

September 2016

The Curve Fashion Festival! It will now be at the brand new Liverpool Exhibition Centre on Saturday 10th September 2016. Last year tickets where costed at the following. Last years ticket prices here –

Last year it was too expensive for me , but we;ll see what this year brings.

UKPSFW – 10-11 September 2016 (London)

I went to the UKPSFW a few years ago and it was good but very too busy with regards the catwalk schedule when I was there.  Hopefully thats been remedied :0)

NO tea dress’s here

With Christmas and my birthday coming up Christmas Eve, my thoughts have turned to what to wear, I;m 48 this year and want to look a sexy beast. I;m really not really feeling the current trend around 40s tea dress stylie,  so I thought I would take a look at Anna Scholz latest products and see what she had to offer.

Well thank god for the Scholz , check some of my favorite looks,  and tell me which ones you prefer. Its a veritable trend fest (sexy, trendy, chic)  love love love. x

Yep I know the coats not a dress but come on I had to feature it , its so so pretty :0) .

Favs from Anna Scholz AW2015

The girl with the gold in her hair

So I was recently introduced to hair color, at 47 and rather afraid of changing anything re my hair  ( I’ve not even had my ears pieced)  I was slightly skeptical to say the least. Ive always been very dark haired, dark hazel eyes and fairly palish skin.

I also have a skin condition which means I have to take tablets, at any time I can have an allergy to food I didnt have a reaction to before. I;m also very sensitive to day to day products and pet hair/dust.  So I’ve always had to be very very careful.

So anyway I was talking on facebook as you do to my most favorite of all hair designers Matt from award winning Freddies Hair in Rawtenstall Lancashire, hes been cutting my hair for years and is the only person I trust hair wise.  I’m terribly vain hairs important to this girl :0) .

Anyway he invited me to attend a consultation and managed to convince me I would look great with a softer color to enhance my features and complexion.  He even brought a wig out to demonstrate the color he was thinking of which made me giggle as I looked like barbi but with brown hair.    Being 47 I recognize that as you tread on through life that your complexion tone changes and you need to compensate accordingly.

Matt recommended using #‎schwarzkopf‬ rich chocolate base with accents of gold and caramel. The intention being that this would introduce a golden color that would naturally enhance my complexion/skin tones. He asked me to add a tester to my arm to ensure that I didn’t develop any allergies/redness at least 48 hours before my appointment.

So the day of reckoning came, I was silly nervous and came close to cancelling several times.   Matt checked my arm to ensure I was allergy free which I was phew.  I’m do glad I didn’t cancel as Matt and his team where superb with me. I love the environment in Freddies its not only lovely to look at but , its so relaxed and friendly. Everybody has a smile on their face and they are really good at the hair chat thing (  no mention of “Where are you off on your hols” lol ) .

Several treatments/highlights later and we’re done.  The whole transformation thing took around four hours which is a long time yes I know, but you know what it was worth it.  I totally love it and no itching or burning scalp yipee :0)  ( and bonus my hubbie said I look sexy as hell ha ha)

Note: The above pictures are courtesy of Freddies.


12109262_696799657086337_6200137413861071880_n Janie New Hair

Scarlet & Jo new retro stuff

So I’ve not been feeling overly well this week and have bit picked up a rather nasty bug. So it was nice to get a name mention from an interview ( link here) I’d completed with Giffi Fields early in the year in the recent Scarlet & Jo blog where they are featuring pictures of bloggers  in the new AW15 collections.

Now one thing I just need to know  – where was my invite Giffi my love, ha ha?

If you follow me on pinterest you’ll know I love gardening veggies and flowers. In fact I’ve just put a new flower bed in place and put up lots of hanging baskets I’m really turning into a gardening health freak :0) . I do have some summer items that have flowers on but  I’m really not over-ally girly flowery type person.

I’m certainly not interested in a AW15 collection that has tons of flower prints and girly elegant long ball gowns and maxis.  I’m more a rock type chick with a bit of paisley 70s mixed in :0) .  So I was very pleased to see this tunic, this is definitely one of my favorite looks from Scarlet & Jo modeled via a rather cutsie blogger Mrs Bebe

The garment is described as a keyhole tunic, in monochrome ( black & white)  , it features kimono style elbow length sleeves with a slight flare from the waist. The tunic quite happily sits on the mid thigh or if you are vertically challenged (its a  joke don’t kill me) could sit on or around the knee area.

I’m not aware of the fabric please Giffi let it be silk or a cotton mix ( pretty please)  – hate fabrics made from polyester, they can be so hot.  The tunic anyway to me, seems to  emit tones of retroism, I’d pair it with a gorgeous pair of suede boots, I’d probably add wine colored boots  ( theres some nice ones in Evans currently)  maybe a floppy hat to mix in the 70s theme.   Well I  love it just needs my body in it,  nice tunic Giffi my old chum, keep them coming x.

I also like the pattern and top half on this dress, its a maxi and has the paisley print I love, as its a maxi its not for me but if it was above knee length or just a peplum top I’d be all over it  as I really dig the neckline and sleeves.  I suppose I could cut the bottom off and work my personal magic on it for my style requirements. But then would I offend lovely Giffi and his team mmm probably !.  Instead I’ll ask pretty please for a top or shorter dress in a similar style or a tunic that I can wear with a leather jacket would be super dupa :0) .  The gorgeous girlie in the pic is of course the stunning Mayah  ( sorry darling dont know what your blog name is) .  So out of the AW15 collection I like 1.5 items not bad for me really as I can be super critical.

The stunning Mayah sure knows how to work a maxi.

Thanks for reading ( unless your not then your loss :0) kisses xxxxxxx)


Fashion Event – The Curve Fashion Festival

Hey all , I’ve had news of a great event called “The Curve Fashion Festival” on the 26tth of September at Manchester Central convention centre.  No need to tell you how very excited I am to say its being held in Manchester ( only an hour from me yipee) .  This is what is says on the website just cant wait – see you all there xxxxx


The biggest brands in plus size retail from over the world will gather under one roof for the ultimate shopping experience.   Confirmed brands include ASOS, Boohoo, Evans and New Look amongst others! Head to the catwalk shows to watch international top models strut their stuff in the latest high street trends. If that’s not enough, why not join our celebrity panelists as they take to the stage to talk all things fashion, media and the future of plus size! Meet with your idols, inspirations and blogger gurus throughout the day with their pop up meet and greet sessions in the Fashion Hall.Tess Holliday, Hayley Hasselhoff, Style Me Curvy Blogger Louise O’Reilly and Nicolette Mason are just a few of the people you can meet at the Curve Fashion Festival! On site spa, champagne bar and afternoon tea restaurant are just some of the ways you can relax during the fun packed day of this ticket only event​​”

The Curve Fashion Festival